Can MARIHUANA Give You Better Orgasms..?

You’Ll be amazed at the results of an investigation that measured sexual satisfaction under the effects of this drug.

Marijuana and sex form a couple since antiquity. Traditional Indian medicine has dozens of marijuana formulas that were prescribed as aphrodisiacs for its ability to increase erection time, facilitate disinhibition and amplify pleasure. Is It really an erotic drug? A new research has wanted to unravel what is true in this belief and if, especially in women, it could help you to encourage your sex life, with better experiences and orgasms. And It seems that, those who consumed marijuana before sex had 2.1 probabilities of enjoying more satisfying orgasms.

A team of gynecologists and behavioral scientists from the University of Saint Louis Medical School in the United States asked 373 women about marijuana use and sexual experiences (lubrication, orgasm intensity, desire, Pain during intercourse and overall experience) Of These, 176 were habitual users of cannabis. 68.7% of those who consumed it before sex said it was more pleasurable. 60.5% noticed an increase in desire and 52.8% reported that their orgasms were more satisfactory, according to the results of this study that have been published in Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Some biases

The study, however, does not rule out that participants may have been unhonest or have told researchers what they thought they would like to hear. In Addition, it should be taken into account that people with a more open attitude towards marijuana could also have a different disposition when it comes to sex, which could influence the results.

It is Still not clear why marijuana use seems to improve sex in women, although researchers noted other studies in mice that have suggested a link between cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, and hormones and neurotransmitters that affect sexual behavior.

“In humans we have less data, but There are several studies have measured the perceptions of patients about the effects of marijuana on sexual function”, researchers indicate. “Marijuana seems to improve satisfaction with orgasm,” concludes the study. Understanding This process better in women could help develop treatment against female sexual dysfunction.

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