So Moves The World’s Smallest ROBOT

So moves the world’s smallest ROBOT


You better take a magnifying glass, because it measures less… than the head of an ant!


Think of a robot that is able to walk on four legs autonomously. Surely you have come to mind the robotic dog of Boston Dynamics, but today we bring you another with less name, but with a much more important title: To be the smallest in the world to walk on its four legs. It has been built at the University of Maryland and has the ability to “go to Gatas ” For a large number of surfaces. Just measure 2.5 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.7 mm (so you get an idea, less than an ant’s head).

For its development, its creators have thought of insects. In fact, they have made it with materials that can resemble their body structure, so that robots are able to walk on any base at the same speed as they do. Something that will help them to study even their biomechanics. The truth is that the result is impressive.

In the future, they expect these robots to be even more autonomous and to be able to complete construction or mapping actions. Can you imagine a whole colony of robot ants? The current speed of these “technological insects” is about 15 times the size of your body per second and are very resistant, being able to be in operation for at least 1 million of cycles without suffering deterioration in performance.

At the moment, they have no intention of marketing it, but they are sure that this technology is just the beginning of even greater development in the future for many more fields than the current research.

Source: Digital Trends

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