Spanish Tourist Denied Entry To The Military Museum For Going With Their Guide Dog

Laura is a blind Spanish citizen who for these days was getting to know Bogota, in the city she is accompanied by a Colombian man also with visual impairment, Santiago Cadavid, who decided to take her to know museums in the center of the capital.

We were getting to know Bogota and we wanted to know the Military Museum. One of the military who runs the museum is preventing us from entering. Her answer was “they can’t get in” and her biggest argument was to ignore us,” Spanish citizen Laura said.

“I am surprised that the Army has a close relationship with guide dogs and many retired former servicemembers who were blind used by them,” added Santiago Cadavid.

Santiago recalled that articles 117 and 124 of the new Police Code expressly authorize lazarillo dogs or guide dogs as only animals that can enter any place open to the public, whether public or private.

The National Army admitted that it was a mistake not to let the tourist in with his guide dog, the institution offered excuses and explained that it was all because of a non-commissioned officer’s ignorance of the rule.

Shame on you! Today we are forced to report an incident that has affected a Spanish citizen in Colombia and that fills us with indignation and undoubtedly forces us to ask for answers.

Laura Brand is a blind Spanish tourist who in recent days is traveling in Bogota with a friend who also suffers from a visual impairment. Both were visiting the city centre knowing several museums in the Colombian capital when they stunled with a very foolish ban on the Military Museum.

Upon arriving at the door, the head of security, one of the NCOs who runs the center, denied them the entrance arguing that he could not access accompanied by his labrador, the precious guide dog that always goes with her and that is her eyes on this world. “Their response was ‘they can’t get in’ and their biggest argument was to ignore us,” Laura bitterly recalls Radio Caracol. “It’s very humiliating for us.”

The Military Forces have asked for forgiveness

The complaint has served some reason because military museum managers have been forced to apologize for the offense committed by admitting that guide dogs can access their facilities and that it was all due to the wrongdoing of an individual who was unaware of the Standard.

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