20 Facts About Spain You Probably Didn’t Know

20 Facts about Spain you probably didn’t know


In all countries there are historical, cultural, geographical curiosities… Perhaps you think you know very well the history of your country or you are up to date in terms of curiosities or customs, so you will surely receive a surprise when you read these curious data that we present to you many of which surely unknown.

Then we leave a list of 20 interesting data from Spain that you probably do not know. Discover them below!

1. It is the third country with the most world heritage sites behind Italy and China. In addition, Castilla y León is the region of the world with the most cultural heritage of humanity (8).

2. There is a bar for every 169 inhabitants, the highest average of the European Union.

3. Europe’s largest ecological reserve is in Spain: the Doñana National Park.

4. We are leaders in organ donation.

5. Spain is the third most visited country in the world, surpassed only by France and the United States.

6. We have 52 airports.

7. Spain is the first country in the world in terms of acceptance of homosexuality, only 6% of the population believes it is “morally

8. We are at the forefront of Europe in cocaine use.

9. The first National Lottery draw was held in Cadiz in 1812 to increase the revenue of the public treasury without having to resort to raising taxes on citizens.

10. The menu of the day was an invention of Franco, promoted by the Ministry of Information and Tourism in the 60, to promote our gastronomy.

11. They are Spanish inventions: the mop, the stapler, the radio, the Lollipop, the submarine, the cable car, the foosball, the knife… among others.

12.74% of Spaniards have sex (at least) once a week, that puts us in the eighth country of the world in terms of sexual frequency.

13. The royal family is assigned the numbers from 10 to 99 of the DNI, although the 13 was annulled by superstition.

14. With 14 holidays per year (12 nationals and 2 locals), we are one of the countries of Europe with more non-working days. Although this year we’ve only had 8.

15. We are one of the European countries with the lowest rate of suicide rates.

16. Plácido Domingo is the best tenor in history.

17. Spain is a world leader in downloading content protected by copyright.

18. Women were able to vote for the first time in Spain in 1933.

19. In Spain we have 8 Nobel prizes (one of them is Mario Vargas Llosa, who has dual nationality).

20. Amancio Ortega, the richest man in Spain.

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