“Matrix ” and its 20 years of science fiction

Throughout these two decades of history, the trilogy created by the Wachowski has been one of the main references for current science fiction. Here We have 20 data that, perhaps, was unaware of this film starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

Matrix is 20 years old. The film that revolutionized the genre of science fiction came to the cinemas on March 31, 1999. On That Day, the public met Neo and the virtual world in which a machine-dominated society lives. The Wachowski Sisters made history with a film that is already considered a film classic. (May interest You: Saga “The Matrix ” Could go back to the movies)


Throughout these two decades, the trilogy created by the Wachowski has been one of the main references for current science fiction. Turned into a pop icon, its minimalist aesthetic has made it perfectly recognizable for several generations: leather clothing and sunglasses. See red and blue pills, as well as letters, symbols and green numerals evoke a mythical saga. (Read also: Will Smith reveals why he refused to be Neo in “Matrix “)

  • The origin of “Matrix “

The term “Matrix ” is attributed to the author William Gibson, who came to declare that the Wachowski sisters “stole” the expression of his novel Neuromanto, a classic science fiction. It Seems that the thing was anecdotal, since Gibson has always said to be a loyal follower of the franchise.Will Smith was to be Neo

2.Will Smith was to be Neo

Recently, Will Smith revealed in his YouTube account that he was about to become Neo but did not understand the script and when he met the directors, they did not come to understand. Whereupon, he rejected the role to star Wild Wild West. Smith also confessed that Morfeo’s role was designed for Val Kilmer.Johnny Depp, the directors ‘ favorite

3. Johnny Depp, the directors ‘ favorite

The Composer of the soundtrack of Matrix, Don Davis, declared that Johnny Depp was the first choice of the Wachowski sisters for the role of Neo. On the other hand, Warner Bros wanted Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. Candidates were also shuffled with names such as Ewan McGregor and David Duchovny.

4. Samuel L. Jackson, the other Morpheus

In Addition to Val Kilmer, Samuel L. Jackson was another candidate to play Morpheus. Before Laurence Fishburne was left with the paper, actors like Russell Crowe and Gary Oldman also did a test for the tape.5. Sandra Bullock, from Neo to Trinity

5. Sandra Bullock, from Neo to Trinity

Sandra Bullock’s case is interesting. Because The producers did not find the ideal actor for Neo, they thought to turn him into a woman and had a name in mind, that of the actress of Gravity. Unfortunately, Bullock did not want to, nor did he agree to be Trinity, since, later, they proposed to him that role. A decision which he regretted, despite the reunion of the protagonists of Speed.

  • Agent Smith would have French nationality

Before Hugo Weaving was convert in Agent Smith, the French actor Jean Reno was considered for the role of the iconic villain.

  • The Pains of Keanu Reeves

A little before starting to roll, Keanu Reeves was operated on a two-level fusion in his cervical spine and was in the process of recovering throughout the production. This would explain the stiff movements in the upper body in the film, especially when turning the head.

  • The “Matrix ” code

The Matrix Code was designed by Simon Whiteley, who did not appear in the film credits, is customized and includes Japanese characters, as well as western letters and numbers. The Color of the fountain, Bright green, is a tribute to the monochromatic monitors of the old computers.

  • Tribute to “Ghost in the Shell “

Although the green colors of the Matrix code were a tribute to the old monochrome computers, it was also a tribute to the animated ribbon Ghost in the Shell (1995), which was a clear inspiration for the Wachowski when it came to creating the universe of tape.

  • Risk Scenes

Actually Keanu Reeves went out and tried to climb the office scene when he was on the phone with Morpheus.

  • Greek Mythology

The Wachowski used Greek mythology to build their history. In fact, Morpheus has the name of the God of Dreams.

  • A very restless protagonist

During the first two parts of the film, Neo makes more than 40 questions, half of his lines of dialogue are questionable. It is Not least, moving from a virtual reality (which I believed was the truth) to a very different one, makes him have many doubts to solve.

  • A nod to Bruce Lee

Before fighting Morpheus in his training sessions, Neo scratches his nose. This is a tribute to Bruce Lee, since it was his distinctive hallmark, he did it just before every fight.

  • Over The Glasses

Practically all the characters have sunglasses. However, there is a slight difference in each one. The papers of the good, that is, Neo, Trinity or Morpheus, have rounded sunglasses, while the villains, like Agent Smith, have them square.

  • Simulation

Neo’s book in the film is an essay by French philosopher and sociologist Jean Baudrillard called Culture and Simulation, in which he talks about postmodern concepts about simulation and hyper-reality. The Wachowski sisters forced the entire cast to be read in the essay. In fact, one of the phrases in the book appears in the movie: Welcome to the desert of the real.


  • Reusing decorated

The roofs, buildings and other exterior assemblies were reused of the filming of the film Dark City, directed by Alex Proyas. In fact, the scene in which Trinity escaped from the agents was harrowing on the same set.

  • Agent Smith, Years 50

For his interpretation of Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving stated that he was inspired by the presenters of the informatives that were issued in the years 50. Laurence Fishburne compared it with journalist Walker Cronkite.

  • Filmed in Chicago

Matrix is not set in any real place, but the outdoor scenes, many of them were shot in Chicago, the hometown of the sisters Wachowski.

  • Oracle Cookies

In the computer language, a “cookie ” is a data. Whereupon, when the Oracle offers a cookie to Neo, he is giving him information.

  • Anagrama

The name of Neo is the anagram of the word “One “. This remarks his Chosen position in the film.

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