Reveal The Secret Story Behind Marge Simpson’s Chanel Dress

Reveal the secret story behind Marge Simpson’s Chanel dress


Marge’s dress story became one of The Simpsons ‘ most popular episodes. And it is that on few occasions, we have seen the character of blue hair without his usual green dress.

In the chapter, Homer’s wife, finds by chance a pink dress of Chanel brand and uses it for an elegant and prestigious meeting. This is where it’s socially accepted.

But, her new “girlfriends” hope she can change clothes, and this is where she does up to the impossible to change the design of the suit.

Take a look at a part of the video:

We think this was just one more episode of The Simpsons, with no reference whatsoever, but the suit has a hidden history.

This dress is inspired by the pink suit that Jacqueline Kennedy used on a day that marked the history of the United States. The woman wore the suit the day the President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

After a few years, the media mentioned that Jacqueline revealed to historian William Manchester, who chose the dress because it was her husband’s favorite. It was not the first time he used it for diplomatic visits, it was “perfect to look casual and elegant at the same time.”

With the suit came in the company of John to a visit to Dallas, Texas. When they got off the plane, they jumped into a Lincoln car, which would become the target of the terrible event.

When the former president was assassinated, Jackie sat on the left side and after a few shots she was stunned to be sprinkled with blood.

Where is the dress located?

According to the experts, the woman did not take off her dress until the next day (no one knows the whereabouts of the hat). One of the workers, packed the suit and sent it to the mother of John F. Kennedy, Janet Lee Auchincloss.

At this time, the Chanel dress is owned by the National Archives and document management in Maryland, but the exact location is a secret.

The suit was never washed and it is next to the bag that Jackie used the day. There are many replicas, but this is saved.

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