STEPHEN Hawking Warns: “In The Future, The Superhumans Will End Humanity “

STEPHEN Hawking warns: “In the future, the superhumans will end humanity “

He has done it in his latest book published post-mortem “Brief answers to the Big questions”

Hawking still has a lot to say (and that has been months since his death last March). Days after the latest research work in which he was involved has been published online, we now receive excerpts from his latest book “brief answers to the big questions” (short responses to the big Questions), which has been published this very Week. And the summary is that, according to Hawking, the future that awaits us is not very rosy… and it seems that humans will be the culprit (new?).

Stephen Hawking’s posthumous book
Cover of the posthumous book “Short answers to big questions ” by Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking Book
Apparently, according to the British physicist, genetic engineering would inevitably be changing the trajectory of humanity: “We are entering a new phase that we could call as autodesigned evolution, in which we will be able to change and improve our Dna. Now that we’ve mapped our genetic material, we’ve already read ‘ The Book of life, so we can start writing the corrections. ‘ Hawking believes that in the early stages, scientists will be able to make the necessary changes to fix genetic defects. Of course, a more complete manipulation of physiology, such as improving human intelligence, will take longer as it implies the correction of a greater number of genes.

It will be this quest to design a better “I”, which hawking augurs as the main problem that will separate society: “laws are passed against the use of genetic engineering with human beings, but some people will be unable to withstand the temptation to improve human characteristics: such as increased memory, resistance to disease and immortality. ”

According to Hawking, the problem will come when those “genetically modified” (referred to as ‘ superhuman ‘) want to confront those who are natural humans for the control of the future of the planet: “Once they appear, there will be problems Meaningful to human beings that have not been improved and will find it more difficult to compete. They’ll end up dying or they’ll be considered unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of autodesigned beings growing at an ever-increasing pace. ”

Hawking’s statements are often alarmist, but they keep a certain truth. For years many scientists have been discussing the ethics surrounding the use of the crisper technique, and there are fears that science in this field will lead us to the creation of “design babies.” Will we ever see this future?

Source: ScienceAlert

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