The CRIPTOMONEDAS Will Generate 2ºC More In Two Decades

The CRIPTOMONEDAS will generate 2 º C more in two decades


Its processing already emits both CO2 and 15 million of vehicles in a year

According to a recent study published in Nature Climate Change, if Criptomonedas as Bitcoin, are implemented at speeds similar to those that have been incorporated other technologies, could produce enough emissions to raise temperatures Global at 2 °c on a date as close as 2033.

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“Bitcoin is a Criptomoneda with great hardware requirements, and this obviously translates into great electricity demands,” explains Randi Rollins, study leader, in a statement.

The Criptomonedas are a form of money that is digitally “emitted” through encryption and require large amounts of electricity. Operations performed with Bitcoin create transactions that are recorded and processed by a group of people, called miners. This has created considerable difficulties and an extensive discussion of where to place the facilities that carry out all this transactions, but one aspect that is seldom discussed is the environmental impact of producing all that electricity.

The Rollins-led team analyzed information related to the energy efficiency of the computers used in Criptomonedas mining, the geographical location of the miners working on it, and the emissions of CO2 generated by electricity. According to the data obtained, the researchers estimated that the use of Bitcoins in the year 2017 emitted 69 million of metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions of almost 15 million vehicles in one year.

The Rollins team also analyzed the speed at which different technologies were adopted and created scenarios to estimate the accumulated emissions of bitcoins in case they grow at a speed similar to that of other technologies.

Even in the slower scenario, the accumulated emissions would be enough to raise the planet’s temperature more than 2 °c in just 22 years. And if the adoption occurs faster, the effects will be seen in 16 years.

“Today, transport, housing, and food emissions are considered the main contributors to climate change in progress,” says Katie Taladay, co-author of the study. This research indicates that the bitcoins should be added to this list. We cannot predict its future, but if it is implemented at an even slower rate than other technologies have been incorporated, it will generate very bad news for climate change “.

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