The First Capsule Of The Hyperloop Arrives

The first capsule of the Hyperloop arrives


It has been presented in the port of Santa María, cadiz.

Five years ago, in August 2013, Elon Musk launched a órdago to the technological community: to build a means of transport formed by capsules that levitate inside of vacuum tubes. This eliminates friction and it is possible to travel at supersonic Speeds: about 1,200 km/h. All this with a relatively low energy consumption. Musk called it hyperloop.

After several stages of preparation, which was attended by numerous Spanish experts, five years after that challenge of Musk, has been presented in the port of Santa maria, cadiz, The first capsule of the Hyperloop.

It has been developed by Airtificial, a company that was born 16 years ago from the concern of a group of researchers from the University of Cadiz and currently specializes in the engineering and manufacture of carbon fiber parts for the sector Aeronautics and the automotive Industry.

The capsule, named Quintero one, a tribute to Andrew quintero, One of the pioneers of hyperloop, is a “wagon” of about 32 meters, a cabin length of 15 meters and a weight of five tons. In its development were invested 21,000 hours of qualified engineering, 5,000 hours of assembly, 82 panels of carbon fiber, 75,000 rivets and 7,200 square meters of fiber.

Each capsule has a length of 30 meters and can carry from 28 to 40 passengers. According to Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, The system is designed for capsule outputs every forty seconds and a maximum speed of 1,223 km/h. In total it would be used by 164,000 passengers per day.

Inside the Quintero One there are 72 sensors that will evaluate, in real time, any incidence related to the stress of the materials, the conditions of the vacuum tubes and the safety of the entire structure. Those responsible for the project point out that the next step will be to move the capsule to Toulouse (france), where the interior will be completed. The objective is that in a three-year period, the first travelers can get on the first hyperloop, something that could be in China or in the United Arab Emirates.

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