The kiss between Messi and the Cristiano who speaks the world of football

The magazine France Football analyzes the rivalry between the Argentinean and the Portuguese with an image that has generated polemics.

In 1979, Leonidas Brezhnev, of the Soviet Union, and Erich Honecker, of the Democratic Republic of Germany, immortalized a kiss as a symbol to unite two social and political postures that were in Contravía. The next edition of the magazine France football is inspired by that famous gesture: will have the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo acting in the same way: giving a kiss that has married controversial.

The image of the kiss between Messi and Cristiano was also inspired by the drawing that almost two years ago appeared in Barcelona, made by the urban artist TvBoy.

“Are you Messi or Ronaldo? “ will be the question that accompanies the image, continuing with a debate that is still very vivid: who is the best of the last decade? Stoichkov, Papin, Carragher, Robben, Tardelli and Lahm, among other football personalities, will give their opinion. Both Argentine and Portuguese stars could see their faces again in a possible final of the champions League, since Barcelona and Juventus are still alive in the world’s most important club tournament.

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