The New Nokia Mobile Has 5 Cameras, But Does Not Bend

The new Nokia Mobile has 5 cameras, but does not bend



Technology companies like Huawei and Samsung believe that the best way to cope with a stagnant smartphone market is by manufacturing devices that bend in half. Nokia has a different idea: fabricate a phone with five cameras in the back.

HMD Global Oy, which produces consumer goods with the brand Nokia, presented the Nokia 9 PureView at MWC Barcelona on Sunday. It does not bend in half or has next generation 5g mobile connectivity, but HMD’s executive manager, Florian Seiche, said there is still a big market for this type of phone.

“It’s aimed at photography aficionados ,” Seiche said in an interview outside the technology conference, adding that he would promote the phone throughout Europe, the United States and China.

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Premium device manufacturers have been trying to find ways to encourage consumers to upgrade their phones more frequently, but high prices, minimal aesthetic differentiation between models, as well as strong competition from Chinese manufacturers have made it difficult this past year.


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Seiche did not say whether the company was preparing a model with 5g connectivity, as seen on devices recently announced by Samsung and Xiaomi Corp, but said HMD was collaborating with Qualcomm INC. On 5g technologies.

The Nokia 9 operates with Google’s Android software and uses a processor manufactured by Qualcomm. But more importantly, in a high-end expensive device market, it costs around US $699.

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Seiche said that expanding the presence of Nokia in the United States this year was a very important area of strategy and noted that partnerships with Verizon and Cricket Wireless were “a great start ” but also wanted to invest more in retail and trade Electronic to boost sales.

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