Would You Like To Not Pay Again For Subscription To Operators Or Monthly Payment Services? With This Small Device You Can See All Your Favorite Channels For Free!

Would you like to not pay again for subscription to operators or monthly payment services? With this small device you can see all your favorite channels for free!


1.5 million units sold worldwide! We have the best solution to see all your Series, movies and sports for free!
We all know the high costs of television bills and monthly subscription services It is frustrating to see that silver is not enough to give us taste!

How much do you pay for Netlfix, PPV events (pay per view) and movies? All sums…

How much do you spend on TV viewing devices? Do you have a TV adapter that you pay monthly? Or you have a AppleTV, Chrome TV or DVD players and Blu Ray or even expensive Smart TV

It is no longer a surprise that every day hundreds of people are finding simple solutions that reduce the high costs of bills and save space with TV-watching devices.

Here is the solution to see legally HD TV free!

An independent company in the United States has created an innovative and inexpensive device, which is changing the way we watch television.

What is it?
It is the Octa Air antenna, which is basically a “super” antenna with the ability to receive signals that no other antenna has been able to receive before. You will get more than 100 channels legally and free of charge,

The Octa Air antenna was created by a NASA engineer using military technology, which, thanks to a discreet modern design flap, makes it the best antenna available on the market for its quality and technological development. Even more important, the antenna allows to see almost every channel, movie or series free, without subscriptions and legally.

How does it work?
It’s so easy! Only connect the Octa Air antenna to your TV or monitor. All cables are included in the package. After connecting, simply press the power button and you are ready. You only need 10 seconds and you can enjoy the contents of all your favorite channels.

You may wonder how is it possible to see my favorite channels for free? The secret to this is a law that no pay television company wants you to know. The law says that each cable operator has to provide, apart from the signal service they use, an antenna signal. Thus, in order to avoid breaking any laws, the operators distribute this signal at low frequencies, so that no antenna can receive that signal properly. Only the Octa Air antenna can capture those signals.

“With this device I have saved a lot of money”
With the Octa Air antenna you can tune in almost any channel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for free, all the signal in Ultra HD. One factor to note is that the optimum signal range is 48 km from the TV transmission point. Although this is of no greater concern, because you receive signals from the whole planet. Environmental factors and weather could affect the reception, but with the Octa Air antenna and its advanced technology these factors can hardly affect it.

Too good to be true? The Octa Air antenna is a reality and that’s why it’s being sold all over the world. It is important that you know, before you cancel your cable subscriptions and other monthly payment services, that there are some channels you will not be able to see with the antenna. Although, if you can see about 85% of the channels you usually find on the pay-TV system and most importantly, you will be able to see the most popular channels that people look at.


Look at the Octa Air in action:


But is it legal?

Yes of course! It’s completely legal, because the Cableoperadoras distribute the free signal.

Of course the operators are not happy with this situation, but they can do nothing about it. They are required by law to maintain the air signal. Right now with advanced technology antennas like Octa Air you can get those signals.

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