Discover The Protein Of Eternal Youth

Even though the anti-aging cream industry adds billions of euros in “elixirs ” No one seems To stop the process.

“Mirror, Magic Mirror. Who in the kingdom is the most beautiful? “obsession with beauty has been inculcated in us since we were a canijos. The main stories of cartoons and fantasy showed us that we should be handsome, without losing any apex of youth in our skin and the main maxim, aging was the worst of the misfortune of the Earth. Good thing they were always the witches and the bad characters of the story who showed that attitude but, despite whom it weighs, reflected a great reality of our world: we find it hard to accept that wrinkles appear in our face. But What if it were finally possible?

A recent study published in the journal Nature ensures that aging can be reversed at the cellular level. A group of scientists from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University has discovered that COL17A1 collagen protein plays a key role in maintaining young skin. According to the point, the declining levels of this protein over time make our skin develop the dreaded furrows in our skin, which sinks and loses elasticity. So It was very interesting to study it in depth to get to know what their role in building our skin. To do so, they worked with rat tails that, curiously, keep many features with human skin.

The Ultimate Elixir?

In nature, the strong survive and the weak die. And If we talk about skin rejuvenation, it looks like we can apply the same rules. The skin is rebuilding continuously and apparently, the COL17A1 protein is paramount in ensuring that the strongest skin cells survive. Scientists say it helps promote the replication of the stronger skin cells, eliminating those that are more ‘ Debiluchas ‘. But external elements such as exposure to the sun or smoking cause proteins to decrease considerably, leaving the weakest to take control, generating a weaker skin, more fragile and with a slower healing capacity when it must heal from The wounds.

So The road was clear: what if we promote the creation of more COL17A1 type proteins through genetic modification? Said and done. Thanks to this movement, they discovered two important points: on the one hand it was possible to slow down the ageing, and on the other, that it was possible the production of this magic elixir on the skin thanks to the application of two chemical compounds in the skin cells : The Y27632 and Apocinina.

The conclusions of this work could lead to the creation of new creams and lotions that serve, once and for all, to combat aging and accelerate the cicratización of wounds. When? For the moment, we will have to wait…

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