Trailer Of Salvation termineitor 6 Awesome

We can Already take a look at the new film ‘ Terminator ‘. In This first official image appear the three protagonists, Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton, who returns to the saga after giving life to Sarah Connor in the first two deliveries. The return of the veteran actress goes beyond Nostalgia: The new film is a direct continuation of ‘ Terminator 2 ‘.

Así es, el proyecto provisionalmente titulado ‘Terminator 6′ es en realidad otro ‘Terminator 3′ que ignora todas las secuelas que James Cameron no hizo. El creador de la franquicia participa como productor en esta nueva entrega dirigida por Tim Miller (‘Deadpool’). El estreno está previsto para el 22 de noviembre de 2019.

Davis plays the mysterious Grace, whose marks on the skin imply that he is not human (or at least not a current), while Reyes is a Dani Ramos, a character that those responsible for the film compared to Sarah in the original. I mean, the target of Skynet and its killer machines. At the moment there are no details about the story and the big question is: where is John Connor?

I Imagine that after a photo that seems to indicate that the future is feminine, we will show the men of the film. Because there are. Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns, who remains linked to the saga (did not intervene in ‘ Terminator Salvation ‘ but managed to insert his face by computer in a double), Diego Boneta, who has the role of the brother of Kings, and Gabriel Luna, which embodies the enemy of the Heroines.

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