In China There Are Already Newscasts Presented By Robots

In China there are already newscasts presented by robots


The innovative idea was presented by the Xinhua news agency in the framework of the fifth Internet World Conference that takes place these days in the Asian country.

Artificial intelligence applied to news presented at the fifth World Internet Conference in China.AFP
Criticized for giving the news as if they were robots, TV presenters in China now face the competition of virtual robots.

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The Xinhua news agency this week presented a couple of virtual presenters of television news, a step described as a “global exclusive” by this state agency, and reflecting the efforts made by Beijing in the field of artificial intelligence.

One of the holograms wears a dark suit and red tie, the other a gray jacket and tie and both read on the screen the text entered into the computer system.

“It’s my first day in the Xinhua agency,” says one of the digital characters, whose image bears a strong resemblance to that of a young Chinese presenter of flesh and bones. One of the robots speaks in Chinese, while the other speaks in English.

According to the agency, these virtual robots were created with the collaboration of Sogu, a Beijing company specialized in voice recognition.

“From now on it is officially a new member of the Xinhua editorial staff,” the agency said, noting that these virtual robots have the advantage that they can work 24 hours a day.

However, both virtual presenters do not have a great artificial intelligence because they only read the text they enter in their system, unlike other robots that are able to reflect and make decisions autonomously.

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