The Hour Of The Dead: What Does It Mean To Wake Up Repeatedly aAt 3:33?

The Hour of the dead: what does it mean to wake up repeatedly at 3:33?


Parapsychologists ‘ cabinets are packed with cases that have occurred between 3 and 4 a.m. Even more disturbing is that many of them, as have been pointed out by different specialists in paranormal phenomena, have registered at 3:33 H. Refuse to think is merely the fruit of chance.

One of the most interesting has generated, as a result of the high number of cases detected, is that it has to do with the sleeplessness, without apparent reason, of a good number of subjects that claim to have experienced sleep paralysis during what they have called “The Hour of the dead”, “The Hour of the dead” or “the Dead Time “. It is a disorder that produces a transient inability to move and speak-while those suffering from it are cognitively awakened-which lasts for between 20 seconds and two minutes generating a huge sense of distress and frustration in their wake .

Although there is no scientific evidence relating to this paralysis with ‘ the Hour of the dead ‘, there are several studies that indicate that it is between 3 and 5 am when the human body is more vulnerable to foreign pathogens , as a result of both the circadian rhythms (the physiological cycles that our body experiences throughout the day), as well as the increased exposure of our immune system. Hence this is the lapse in which most deaths are usually recorded.

3:33, the time of the Diablo

No However, the Friends of the paranormal are convinced that sensations like those that report who suffer these episodes during ‘ The Hour of the dead ‘ (to perceive that someone sits on his body or that the mattress goes sinking progressively) have very little to do with the chronobiology.

According to them, there is more than enough evidence to think that many of the phenomena that have had and continue to take place at 3:33 are not produced in a casual way.

One of the most repeated theses by the lovers of numerology points directly to the demon referring to the three digits of Marras are half of 666, the number of the devil. The defenders of this Satanic theory add that, if we unite at the time that Jesus Christ would have died, at 3 pm, the age in which he died, 33 years, we obtain ‘ the hour of the devil ‘, as is also known to this phenomenon.

A reasoning that part of the basis that “The Devil always seeks to oppose God and does everything possible to mock his symbols, but at the same time, imitate them”, as the theologian Jesús González argues. Beyond the arguments arguments by those who maintain that it is Around 3:33 when the beyond and the more here come into contact, the truth is that it is at night, when the absence of light intensifies the rest of our senses, when they give the best conditions to develop any kind of fear.

In the absence of science confirming any of the supernatural theories it seems that the reason we associate what happens to us at 3:33 with all kinds of inexplicable phenomena would have more to do with the descent of defenses experienced during the early hours , circadian rhythms and the greater predisposition to fear that generates darkness than with the paranormal.

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