The Vatican Creates An Elite Athletic Team Formed By Swiss Priests And Guards

The Vatican creates an elite athletic team formed by Swiss priests and guards


It is called Vatican Athletics and is born with 60 corridors of the Holy See. After an agreement between the Vatican and the Italian Olympic Committee, the first athletics team of the Pontifical state has just been born to compete at international level in events such as the small States games or the Mediterranean Games, reports AP.

Vatican Athletics was born as part of the Vatican campaign to promote sport as an instrument of peace and solidarity, and among its members, who attended the presentation dressed in navy suits with the seal of cross-braces, will feature Swiss priests and guards And pharmacists, and even a 62-year-old professor working in the Apostolic Library of the Vatican.

In addition, it will also have women, like Marie Theo, who has posed with the uniform of the team for the camera of the correspondent in Rome of the Catholic newspaper the Tablet, which has shared the image-for the moment the only one that has transcended-on Twitter.

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