Why Has This Young Model With Vitiligo Inspired So Many People?

Why has this young model with vitiligo inspired so many people?


Kaiden Williams, 13, is one of the protagonists of the latest advertising campaign of the brand of clothing Primark and has decided to show fearlessly how it affects your skin this disease.

For those who do not know what is the vitiligo implies a loss of pigmentation (irregular form) in different areas of the skin of a person when the melanin cells (Melonocitos) that are present in this process stop “function” correctly or Die. The areas in which this disease will occur are unpredictable and would affect any part of the body: in fact, it would also include the hair and the inside of the mouth. Although it can happen to people of all skin types, it is much more noticeable in those who have it dark, so it is more evident. Although there are treatments to restore color in affected areas, it does not prevent a loss of color, which makes many desist from trying to find a solution and show themselves as they are.

This disease is usually carried with shame by many who suffer, therefore, the last campaign by Primark has been praised in social networks by including a 13-year-old model with this skin disorder. So far, the vast majority of campaigns showed adults with vitiligo, as is the case of the famous Winnie Harlow, Aiesha Robinson or John’s Lene, but the fact that a brand as big as Primark has decided to bet on this young man has attracted attention and has Provoked that so many others feel identified with their history.

In an interview with BBC, Kaiden Williams claims not to feel already afraid to show himself as he is and is delighted to help more people in his situation: “I tried to hide it, but I don’t anymore. I used to buy a cream of the same tone as my skin to balance the color, but I got tired. The fact of helping others makes me feel very good, I make them see that they do not have to feel fear anymore. We are unique and, as my mother taught me, I no longer see it as a problem. I go out on the street and if there are questions I answer the doubts that people may have. ”

As for the fact of participating in a campaign that has inspired so many people, it is clear: “I have managed to go out there and I want to show people that if you pursue your dreams, you will end up achieving what you propose “.

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