Turn Cancer Cells Into Fat To Prevent Tumors From Excelling

Turn cancer cells into fat to prevent tumors from excelling

Have successfully tested in mice this revolutionary therapy.

The search for new therapies to fight cancer does not cease and a team of the University of Basel, in Switzerland, has just designed a new strategy to fight against this disease, which is to transform the cancer cells into fat in order to prevent Tumor expansion.

When we suffer a wound or when a fetus is developing, the epithelial cells become more fluid and become what is known as Mesenchyme, a state in which they are transformed into the type of cells that the organism needs. This process is known as mesenchyme epithelium transition.

Thus, in an experiment conducted with mice that had developed a very aggressive variety of breast cancer, the researchers used two drugs called rosiglitazone (used to treat diabetes) and trametinib (which is used against cancer), to Trigger that process in the tumor cells.

In this way, they managed to get the cancer cells to develop a process known as adipogénesis, in which they were transformed into others of fat.

Therapy does not seem to work with all types of tumors, but it does have breast cancer. And the results reveal that the process is not reversible. That is to say that the cancerous cells converted into other fat, remain in that state and do not return to the original.

Source: ScienceAlert.

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